Wear What You Love

Wear What You Love

When I first started my journey with Waiwaolani, I knew I wanted it to represent something relevant and meaningful. I did not want this to be another meaningless clothing brand that focused on trends and pretty colors. Sure those things are important also but more important to me were that I started conversations and I that I was able to get women who might not necessarily notice or care about a native plant to notice it, talk about it, learn about it and therefore love our native plants. If I could just get one person to learn about native Hawaiian plants and develop a love for it, I would have done a great thing. 

When it came to developing my brand and what Waiwaolani’s mission would be, I knew it had to be a voice for our ‘àina, our culture, our mauna and us as Native Hawaiians. 

All of the patterns that were created for Waiwaolani connect to my heart’s intention - which is to represent and honor my home. Whether it is the Makahiki or Hîhîwai print, they give voice to a special part of Hawaiʻi that should be worn and celebrated.

That is why I have chosen patterns and prints that not only are delicate, soft and beautiful but also speak about deeper meaning or underlying connection to our mountains and watersheds.

Waiwaolani  prints and patterns feature plants and species that articulate the essence of my roots.

Some brands incorporate bold and bright patterns that are loud and boisterous, but as a humble Hawaiian we do things a little different here. We hope to inspire others just by our beingness, and that is what I have used to create my various collections, patterns and prints for Waiwaolani. 

Coming up with a name for my business took about 6 months but that is a story for another blog….

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