Our Mission

Waiwaolani is a brand that strives to inspire and educate the people of Hawaiʻi and beyond through our clothing line and products. We hope to share Hawaiian culture, especially the importance of our native plants. We want to show the beauty and uniqueness of our native flora and itʻs important connection to our culture. Our purpose is to support local conservation organizations in their work of native ecosystem protection of both native species and the places that house them. We are passionate about producing conscious fashion that is mindful of people, the community, and the environment as much as possible.


About the Founder

Roselani Suyat Aiwohi founded Waiwaolani. She wanted to combine her love for Hawai’i & it's culture with cute, comfortable clothing made for everyday wear. Her mission is to bring more attention to native Forests, native Hawaiian plants and watersheds by creating beautiful clothing printed with native Hawaiian plants. She was born on Molokaʻi and raised on Maui, with a deep appreciation and love for her home. In her adulthood, she has realized the responsibility native Hawaiians have to protect the resources that are vital to sustenance not just now but for any generations to come. It is the mission of Waiwaolani to give back to our kaiāulu (community), to support the protection, conservation and survival of our native ecosystems with the hopes that we can together, make small but effective changes. 

  • Kūleana - Responsibility

    Waiwaolani understands the responsibility we have to give back to our communities and to support in ways that we are able to support. As we receive support from our community, we will also in turn give back to show that reciprocated love.

  • Mālama ʻĀina - Caring for the land

    The existence of our natural habitats are vital to life in Hawaiʻi. As a clothing brand who understands how kānaka can care for the land or harm it even further, Waiwaolani believes in supporting local conservation organizations whoʻs mission is to help protect and conserve the native ecosystems of Hawaiʻi.

  • Conscious Fashion

    Waiwaolani practices conscious fashion where the decisions made are mindful of people, the community, and the environment as much as possible. We try to make the best decisions we can while factoring in these key elements.